Monday, July 7, 2014

IAPMA Conference in Fabriano

My presentation about Papermaking education in Latvia in IAPMA Lecture Hall in Fabriano

Photos by Linda Babcock
Here you can read more about IAPMA

Small streets in Fabriano

Sandro Tiberi studio, pre-congress workshop July 7, 2014

100 ton press

drying machine

I am making my paper

Hollander beater

Sandro's work

Sandro's paper with includions

View from my B&B window

Watermarks at the paper museum

Forms for the watermarks

Watermarks at the paper museum

Small paper dryer

Old beater at the museum

Paper is made at the Paper museum in Fabriano

Old beating system at the museum

Drying system

The Ancient Vat at Fabriano

Paper made in Paper Museum Fabriano

Handmade paper from Japanese village

Roberto Mannino at the Paper market

IAPMA Paper Market Venue

Helen Hiebert's table

Lunch table with food

Lunch time

Hand papermaking team

A papermaker from Germany

IAPMA committee

IAPMA general meeting

Cut Paper Ceiling

Shadows, Fabriano Paper Museum

Works from the members show: Roberto Mannino

IAPMA members Show, work by Lynn Sures

IAPMA Watermark Show, work by Lynn Sures

Workshops and demonstrations

Printmaking workshop with Lucia Sforza

Exhibitions opening with Fabriano vine

Gail Stiffe and me

Printmaking workshop with Lucia Sforza

My books at the members exhibition

Work by Kirsti Grotmol

Heather's Matthew work

Watermark workshop

I am making my watermark paper