Sunday, July 5, 2015

Kulturkontakt Nord mobility to Tallinn Paper Studio (June 26 - July 5)

Old town Tallinn

Cort yard at the Ukrainian cultural center

Preparation of the pigmented pulp for the pulp painting

Old town Tallinn

Ukrainian cultural center from the street

Ukrainian ceramic

Paper press

Molds, deckles and pulp in the vat

Reina beather

Paper after press ready to be transported upstairs to the drying room

Working in the paper studio

Pealing up the dried paper

Hanging the wet paper to dry

Dried paper under the weight

Old town Tallinn

Cafe in Pirita

Old town Tallinn

KUMU art museum

We are making our paper

The court yard of the Ukrainian cultural center

Paper up stairs to dray

The court yard of the Ukrainian cultural center

On roof  of the Ukrainian cultural center

Ukrainian ceramic

At the Grusbeke tower

At the Grusbeke tower where our exhibition is going to be in the beginning of august

Pulp painting workshop at the paper studio for the Ukrainian cultural center workers and guests

making solar plates for our prints

Ready for printing

The first print

Making an edition

The last print